UPPERCASE WOW! Every now and then you find a ninja team of developers that just gets the job done in a way that most can't. Jordan, Ian and the team happen to be those guys. Beggars belief what they achieved in one weekend. I had merely been looking for someone to review the ongoing and soul destroying mess that had become my shopify web development project (3 months worth of a highly rated web developer’s work and still the site wasn’t fit for purpose). My heart sank when they recommended that to do what was originally intended, I would need to build the site afresh which would take 20 days. I said I only had 10 days. From first speaking to them on Friday morning, signing off on Friday 5pm, they delivered a fully functioning turnkey website for Monday morning 930am. To be precise, they did this using just one hour of the working week. I am bowled over by what they have achieved. Talented, friendly and helpful I will be hiring these guys again and again. As for being cost competitive....Back when I was originally getting quotes for this project, I was quoted prices 5 times higher and which would take 10 times longer. These guys more than delivered. Faith in web developers fully restored.