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Web Design in Shrewsbury - Things You Need to Avoid

The more you use the World Wide Web, the more you will notice that there are actually a lot of websites out there that are completely unattractive. Although quality web design isn't that hard, a lot of website owners still fail to perfect it for some reason. Unfortunately, it would be vital to create a user-friendly website if you want your visitors to keep coming back in the long run. So, if you want to make sure that you design your website properly, here are the main things you need to avoid like the plague:

Poor Navigation

One of the most critical things you need to avoid in web design is poor navigation. If your visitors cannot browse your site with ease, then chances are, they will just leave and look for another similar website. Believe it or not, good navigation in itself can make visitors stay on your site for much longer and even make them come back again in the future. So, make sure you keep your navigation simple yet effective. In fact, your navigation should be completely user-friendly; otherwise, you can just kiss your website goodbye altogether.

Being Vague

Visitors should never have to wonder where they are when they are on your website. In other words, your web pages need to show your visitors exactly where they are at any given time. This would be especially important if they end up on certain pages on your website without going through your home page first. One good tip to avoid this mistake would be to simply make sure that each of your web pages link back to your actual homepage.

Extremely Long Pages

You should also avoid extremely long pages when it comes to web design. The majority of users nowadays simply won't have the patience to keep scrolling through a page unless they know that something great is waiting for them at the bottom. So, if possible, split up your pages or, at the very least, have navigation options available to give your visitors an easier time overall.

Slow Download Times

As just mentioned, people simply aren't patient nowadays. If possible, they want to get what they need as soon as possible. In other words, you could be making huge mistake if your download times are exceedingly slow. This will merely send your visitors away and into the arms of similar websites that also meet their personal needs. So, try to get fast download times by reducing the file sizes of your images and by limiting the amount of images that you use on each web page to begin with.

Posting Too Many Ads

Nobody ever visits a website because of their cool ads, so even if you make good money from some of yours, you need to keep in mind that they might distract visitors. Because of this, you should make it a point to cut down on your usage of ads and focus on your website content and design instead. If you have a good balance between them, though, then you shouldn't have any trouble what so ever.

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