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Web Design Can be an Art

Can web design be an art?...

To answer this question, it would be important to figure out the difference between design and art to begin with. What are their traits, for example? Well, both designers and artists tend to come up with good visual compositions with the use of their professional experience, expertise and knowledge. So, when used with the same goals in mind, web design in Shrewsbury can therefore definitely be considered as an art…

…if it inspires, evokes feelings, and motivates.

Good artists start from scratch when they paint until they complete an illustration that conveys their thoughts and feelings. They also use different elements that can convey these feelings to the audience in an effective manner, while building an emotional connection with them.

While designers are usually limited by pre-assigned ideas, messages and actions, and have fixed points that they need to start with and end with; and while they generally have to discover different things with their available elements and reach their goals therewith; they can still motivate their audience to feel certain emotions that make them use a service or buy a product. When they succeed at doing this, their work can definitely be considered as art, too.

…if it can be interpreted and understood.

Art doesn't have any limitations and cannot be defined, explained or interpreted. As such, people can have different opinions about an artwork, in general. Web design however, tends to convey a certain message that should motivate the target audience to jump into action. If a designer can make people understand their message, the usefulness of the available services and products, and still stay open for interpretation at the same time, though; then it can definitely be considered as an art in the end.

…if it is tasteful and opinionated.

As mentioned earlier, art tends to bring about different opinions from different people. This can either be good or bad, depending on the viewer's likes, dislikes and personal taste. Usually, design can only be considered good and successful if it effectively motivates people into doing something positive in the end. However, it can also be considered an art because it sometimes depends on taste, too.

…if it is done with talent and skill.

Art is mostly about talent and spontaneity mixed with powerful expressions and feelings done through sculpting, drawing, painting or any other art form. Art is usually an inborn quality and a natural ability that requires both talent and skill that cannot be taught. However, while web design can be taught, developed and improved with enough practice; it can still be considered an art because people always put their talent and skills into it.

So, as you can see web design in Shrewsbury can definitely be an art if you look at it in the right way. Artists have the freedom to express their thoughts in a subjective way, but designers can do the same thing. They just have to reflect how other people think and reach their website's goals at the same time.

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