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Pay per click advertising Shropshire

You may not fully maximise the profit potential of your website unless your market it professionally using Pay Per Click (PPC) promotion.

Many site owners are confused by pay per click services like Google Adwords, or intimidated by the need to select make or break key words and in some cases pay £1 or more for every click.

Google Adwords for Quick Results
The truth is that it is possible to make use of Google Adwords in many categories for only a few pence per click and even in higher cost categories it is still a relatively low cost way to let prospects find you which in turn will build sales and business. Talk to Advanced Website Design about making pay per click simple and making it work.

Constant Contact with Your Customers
Many web marketing experts believe that by far the most effective way of growing your business is to establish an online relationship with your customers by building a "sticky" site that keeps them coming back. This can be reinforced by regular online newsletters, on site offers, email campaigns, blogs and social marketing using sites like YouTube and Twitter.

Ask Advanced Website Design about proven techniques to attract new customers to your site and turn them into frequent visitors. We are more than website designers. We also provide a full range of online marketing services, including graphic design, email marketing and customer relationship management programmes.

Pay per click advertising - It´s not expensive as long as it works!
" As a small businessman, I used to spend up to £1,000 per month on Google Adwords and because it was my only promotional activity, I knew that all my new business came from there. Today, with help from Advanced Website Design, I pay less for Google Adwords without losing site traffic, enquiries or sales. Their services have paid for themselves."Gary, Director. Discount Appliances

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