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CMS Security and Maintenance

Security and Maintenance of a Content Management System (CMS) can be a difficult issue to articulate and is often confused with the maintenance of website content. My team are regularly asked by prospective partners “Why should I bother with CMS maintenance?” We even occasionally hear the uninformed statement “CMS maintenance is something that I do! Isn’t it?”

To be clear, maintenance of your sites content, images, latest news etc. are administered by the site owner (you) via a CMS. This is exactly what CMS stands for, a content management system. The security, future proofing, testing, upgrading (and much, much more) is something altogether different and something most business people prefer to leave to experts.

This situation – using software, but not maintaining it - is similar to you using a Gmail account to send and receive emails, or Microsoft Windows to run your PC. It is even similar to Apple who maintains your iPhone’s security and updates but you take photos and send SMS to friends – you are in control of the phone but someone is controlling and updating the software that runs it.

Just a few of the things you will need to think about on a daily basis are security and patch updates to stop hackers & bots, bug fixes to ensure the continuity of your online presence as it is designed to operate and future proofing to ensure that the site looks great and functions correctly in the major internet browsers that are updated regularly.

On top of this, there are other considerations for a CMS like the small coding changes etc. that are beneficial for Google and the search engines rankings.
At Advanced Website Design, we have a team of developers who work each and every day on the security and maintenance of our Mission Control CMS. Further, our team is heavily invested in maintaining the Mission Control CMS, as our very own website is powered by the same CMS that powers each and every one of our customer’s websites.

What’s great is that this is all achieved behind the scenes, proactively.

Most business owners don’t have the skills, time or willingness to check on required updates each day (and then of course implement them).

My strong advice is leave it to the experts.

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