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Magento design experts

Magento Design Experts

If you would like your Magento shop made with visual bliss, clean uplifting style, and usability-focused layout, give us a call.
We offer unique Magento design templates as well as themes, Magento design and imaginative solutions to Magento design experts and developers, together with shop proprietors around the world. Services consist of Magento concept design/customisation, Magento concept development depending on current designs, full Web development, branding solutions, collateral structure, also design consultation and training.

Custom Magento Styles Based on a pre-existing Design
Even if you possess a starting place on your Magento theme layout and want it integrated or enhanced on then all of us will be here for you.
If you possess and have the proper rights to implement the design, whether it is an existing HTML design for your web site, a current CMS concept design, or PDF/PSD/AI report, even a jpeg photo, then we will become your design setup team that will help you build that design to produce a complete Magento theme.
• Custom made styles with regard to aspects of these site areas
§ All round Site Interface
§ Home Page Material Styles
§ Category Landing Web pages
§ Product Landing Web pages
§ Tailor made Landing Web pages (offered at additional price)
§ Alternative Styles for Special Occasions (offered at additional price)

• Obtain the facts others will not supply
§ Sixty days of assistance on the concept we create for you*
§ Two hrs of Magento training the back end together with front-end
§ Tailor made favicon to get increased web site presence
§ Enhanced design that will load swiftly without unwanted markup
§ Option of lateral selection bar or vertical selection within the sidebar
§ Tailor made font use with site headers and/or selection
§ Support with product or service integration on offer at additional price
§ Tailor made designs for several landing web pages offered at additional price
§ Tailor made component enhancement that various other Magento developers can not provide
§ Incorporation of tailor made theme with your shop is included!
* Rectification of problems a result of third party incorporation and/or modules may accumulate additional costs.

Unique Magento Themes or templates Designed From the Ground Up
Do you possess a number of inspiration web sites, as well as some ideas for your own Magento concept? Or are somebody totally pulling a blank? Avoid launching using the same concept everybody else is using! Take advantage of our own collective creative professionals.
We're your personal creative-force in regards to spectacular creative work! We are able to work together with you to reach the ideal balance of design features plus efficiency to bring together a distinctive Magento concept for your shop that will skillfully complete our ideas of e-commerce design:
• Delivers professionalism and reliability which will create trust in your own prospects and clients
• Invokes clients with information and facts plus interactivity that will assist with the purchasing process
• Guides clients correctly with selection and simplicity that will increase conversions

• Specially designed looks for aspects of these web site sections
§ Total Site Interface
§ Homepage Content Styles
§ Classification Landing Web pages
§ Item Landing Web pages
§ Custom made Landing Web pages (up to 2 included)
§ Alternative Styles for Special Occasions (offered at additional price)

• Receive the information others will not offer
§ Sixty days of assistance for the concept we create for you*
§ Two hrs of Magento training for the back plus front end
§ Tailor made favicon for increased web site visibility
§ Enhanced design that will loads swiftly with no unwanted markup
§ Option of lateral selection bar as well as vertical selection in the sidebar
§ Tailor made font use in web site headers and/or selection
§ Tailor made designs for as much as two landing web pages
§ Optionally available help with product integration
§ Tailor made development which various other magento designers are unable to provide
§ Incorporation of personalised theme at no cost
* Modification of problems due to third party incorporation and/or modules may incur added costs.

Magento Personalisation
For anyone interested in development of additional efficiency along with the design of Magento themes, you can expect customisations at a exceptional price. We provide two specific customisation alternatives, design customisations and even development/programming customisations. These are usually charged at an by the hour. These charges are in conjunction with the Magento concept web design and development charges, and require that you have agreed upon with us to produce or perhaps develop your concept.
Magento Design Modification
As well as the price of the concept development (above) we provide Magento customisation for additional design aspects, which include:
• Tailor made Landing Page Layout
• Callout Images plus Picture Editing
• {Controls|Buttons}, Icons plus Special Effects
• XHTML/CSS Improvements
Magento Development/Programming Customisation
We also provide development/programming customisations to be able to assist you to extend Magento's efficiency. In some cases we will suggest an element in your Magento concept wireframes that improve the fundamental efficiency of Magento, which makes the program more interactive with clients. They may often need to have further development customisations, which often will not be contained in the Magento concept development package price. Additional development customisations are also assembled within this development modification service, including:
• XML Development
• PHP Development
• JavaScript Development