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Estate Agent Website Features

CHECK-OUT-OUR-PORTFOLIOA few estate agent website features...

  • Unlimited Depth in Category Tree
  • Secondary categorisation of properties by custom listing type.
  • WYSIWYG editor support
  • Easy configuration area, allows you to easily control how component looks and works
  • Reset hits functionality
  • Properties access privileges support
  • Site members can check and add properties via the front-end.
  • Easy edit the properties via front-end
  • Print page feature
  • PDF feature
  • Hot properties listings.
  • Flexible search filter
  • Agent management
  • Front-end pagination and changeable display numbers per page.
  • Mortgage calculator.
  • Embedded currency converter based on ECB data in real time.
  • Sorting and filtering at the administration, both at frontend and at the backend.


  • Easy image management system with thumbnail allows you to add/delete images. Supports GD and GD2
  • Configurable image and thumbnail widths.
  • Support jpg, gif, png images.
  • Support flv, mov, mp4 mpeg swf Medias streaming.
  • Support pdf, doc, xls, ppt (MSoffice), odt, odp, ods, (OpenOffice), files uploading by Gallery.
  • Unlimited number of images per object, with limiting options
  • Automatic deletion of all images when a listing is delete.
  • Multiple pictures - files upload at once via Gallery.


  • Displays contact details (owner) for each property (with ant-spam security code).
  • E-mail notification to administrators when an object added.
  • Recommend to friend email feature (with ant-spam security code)


  • SEF-friendly URL's - compatible
  • Add a Meta description and Meta keywords to each property


  • Fully-compliant RSS 2.0 feeds for new property listings.

Additional Features

  • Full Google Maps support with automatic (geocoded) or manual coordinates insertion, separately for each property.
  • Display Agents` list in front-end. Agents can add their "contact-details" using the front-end.
  • Country Management (back -end).
  • Shortlist operation. Users can add - remove properties into own shortlist. Registered users can get by email this list

and much more....

For more information about our services please contact us on: 01743 24 64 01