Buy Michael Kors Watch

Luxury brands need to play hard to get — and being too easy is Buy Michael Kors Watch’ biggest problem. But even as the retailer faces declining store sales due to possible brand overexposure, it’s going all in on social. Buy Michael Kors Watch is already active — and incredibly popular — on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine and Pinterest (25 million followers in total, across the platforms) and is generally lauded as one of the few high-fashion brands that gets social. And Wednesday, hours after it wrapped up its New York Fashion Week show, it announced that it was now going to be on Snapchat. Some of the first Snaps from Buy Michael Kors Watch Some of the first Snaps from Buy Michael Kors Watch “We are always looking to tell our brand story on the platforms our fans are using and loving,” said Lisa Pomerantz, svp of global communications and marketing at Buy Michael Kors Watch, adding that Snapchat is the next step in the brand’s goal to be present on “every platform our fans are using.” The New York Times reported Tuesday that Snapchat was seeking a new round of funding that would value the app at $19 billion. The brand worked with Snapchat’s “Stories” feature to launch Fashion Week-specific content — runway pictures, backstage shots and front-row pictures. Buy Michael Kors Watch, popular with the younger set, is convinced that being on the next new platform is important. The retailer has always been on top of social media — it was the first brand to buy an Instagram ad, and analysts have lauded its social chops as some of the best in the industry.