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As style shifts into the teen-spirit space of the ‘90s, Edwin Mens Designer Jeans Mens Designer Jeans naturally returns to the forefront of good looking style. An era defined by the torn-in worn-out ways of Kurt and Courtney, this season fashion is led by jeans that embrace deconstruction, washed out treatments, bleached features and new blue washes showcased by our bunch of the best Edwin Mens Designer Jeans Mens Designer Jeans brands in the world. Edwin Mens Designer Jeans, founded in Japan not long after the end of WW2, is the story of one man's passion for denim. Mr Tsunemi had to import his material from the USA, but in the early 1950s Japanese mills began to produce the cloth for the first time. Sadly, it was too expensive and too poor in quality for the demanding Mr Tsunemi, so he set to work to manufacture his own denim. The result has been a brand that is noted worldwide for jeans that blend sophisticated fits, superb craftsmanship and innovation. The first Edwin Mens Designer Jeans denim jeans appeared in 1961 and two years later the company launched the heaviest ringspun product ever seen. This 16 oz jean featured the famous three-colour rainbow selvedge that remains Edwin Mens Designer Jeans's instantly recognised hallmark. A landmark in the development of jeans came in the 1980s when Edwin Mens Designer Jeans invented stonewashing (it had earlier led the way with "old wash" to replicate the worn look associated with durable workwear). Whether it's slim fit or regular, in 14 oz or 10 oz denim, Edwin Mens Designer Jeans continues to be a dominant force in the design and production of jeans for all occasions. No wonder it has so many imitators.