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Ian Morris Shrewsbury, Has a digital team that gives you more

Ian Morris Shrewsbury, Has a digital team that gives you more

If you're looking for a dedicated, collaborative and experienced digital team for your business and brand then you have come to the right place. Established in 2011, we've been producing award winning , ROI focused results for our clients for over 11 years. We are a mid-size team, comprising only full-time digital superstars with a huge passion for what we do.

At Gee, we understand that every client is different and every project has a unique set of requirements. Whether it's pure execution or taking on a guiding role in terms of ideas and strategy, we pride ourselves on a flexible approach which achieves the best outcomes for our clients and the best price in the best timeframe.

Our Energy
Our team works together in a more unconventional way than most established companies. Our culture is a fluid, dynamic, energetic and collaborative one. Our flat structure allows us to focus on doing more rather than talking more. The team is moved by real results rather than buzzwords and fads, and we make ourselves accountable for every pixel and every line of code we produce. We deliver what we promise, on time and on budget.

Our capabilities
•    Web Design
•    Web Development
•    Mobile
•    Social
•    eCommerce
•    Content Management Systems
•    Hosting & CDN (Cloud and Physical)
•    Advertising campaigns
•    Digital Strategy
•    Email marketing
•    Search Engine Optimisation
•    Games & 3D (bit old school but we can still do it!)
•    Branding & Print (ditto, but nice to do occasionally!)

When it comes to digital - We'll Give You More…